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darkestrose2005's Journal

Danielle (most call me Danny)
31 January
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Hey, one thing i've always beeen told is that i'm a good friend, also that i'm very weird and crazy lol xD. I live for the moment and want to do everything worth doing before i die. I love Music, i live for it, although i have very little musical talent myself. I'm a pretty ok artist, i mostly shine in clay work which is why i have my own store. I love to wear things out of the norm, like scarfs and weird hats for one. I have a insane love for the UK, my dream would be to live in London. All around i'd like to think i'm a pretty cool person, so talk to me sometime.

<3 Danny
..., art, bones, darkly dreaming dexter.., dexter, dog lost, music, my booky wook, razorlight, rise against, skateboarding, the halloways.. etc, the i.t. crowd, the mighty boosh