What challenges in life have you conquered and emerged from a better person?
      After my father died when i was 10, our life as a family turned upside down. My mom had left her job about a year after. She had no job for along time it seemed, when she got another, she was fired not long after that. I then learned about my mom's terrible taste in men. She dated this one loser named mike, he was a dumbass and constantly was drinking beer. He moved in with us, ya he didn't work ether, thats just what we needed another jobless person to feed >.>, anyway we soon had to move and once we moved everything got even crappyer. Do to the fact my mom would rather go out and not come back for days, doing god knows what, rather then go out and get a job. we lived off food drives basicly, oh ya bread was my lunch and dinner mainly. Then it got so bad that we had no power, and one day i'm just told that in 3 days were leaving to live in PA with my grandma, ya just like that, 3 day notice i'm supose to pack the stuff i want most.  Oh and another thing, i had a dog and cats so ya they weren't alloud to come along. ya so i'm the only f***ing person in my whole family who cares about the animals so i'm f***ing stuck trying to find someone who will take them, noone did we had to leave it to my stupid cusion who cant even take care of himself rather then find a home for our pets, ya so to this day i still dont know what happened to them and it makes me sad.  then becuz my retarded uncle was the one to pick us up, he brought like all of his f***ing stuff so of course there was no room for the little stuff i packed so we had to leave that job to my ant to send us the box of stuff. ya it's been 3 f***ing years and i still dont have that box, which inside is my father's lighter collection, which is about the last thing i had of his. Now i'm stuck living in this boring place with my cousin who hates me, and my grandma and mother. I'm just living day by day untill i'm able to leave for collage. honestly the word HATE doesn't even describe what i feel for my mom. I will never be able to forgive her for turning my life inside out. 

      "Dad i love you and i hope i'm making you proud, my biggest fear is that i'm disapointing you, I will forever miss you"

<3 *Danny*