Past idol contestant Clay Aiken wrote a blog about Adam Lambert. and it pretty much pissed me off!

here's the link to what he wrote. 

My Thoughts on this: 

    Wow Clay didn't even hear Kris perform or any other song from Adam? and he comes out with this nonsense? 1st of all he only heard one song from Adam and that was The Ring of Fire, which was not a big favorite with everyone, all of his other songs were much better. and if he only turned the show on once how'd he come to this idea that they were giving him more perks? If he didn't even watch any other show.

  About Adam's "perks", everyone by the way had the same chance to get any of these efects. The Idol's ask for them! Just like they ask for what they want to use, like guitars and what not. The reason Adam's shows were so over the top and amazing is because he is a theater person, he asks for all of these things because thats the kind of shows he likes to do. If you watch the things he's done before this show, they are all like that.

  Also, the only reason the judges were always telling Adam that he was gonna make to the top and is amazing. Is because Adam is amazing, he can sing, when you sing amazing you get amazing comments, such as Simon standing for Adam's song "mad world" the frist time he performed it. And they weren't always good comments, like for the ring of fire they gave him mixed comments, he was treated like any other idol through the years and was fairly judged.

  As far as i'm concerned, Clay has just come to realize that Adam's gonna be an amazing performer, much better then Clay. I think it's not crazy to say that Adam is sure to have just as much or even more success as last years winner David Cook now has. Most likely Clays just angry that people like David Cook and Adam Lambert (I compaire them becuase they are of course in my opinion two of the most talented people to get in the top two, or in David's case to win) are to become big stars and have great success, much more then Clay will ever have i'd say.